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A London-born and bred professional photographer, Darrel Hunter  has dedicated his entire life to art, with a keen eye for exploring, discovering, and documenting what lies hidden beneath the status quo. After leaving a career in finance to pursue his creative passion and working tirelessly to create a name for himself, Darrel has built a notable portfolio; including a  roster of  influential clients worldwide.

Contributor: Adam Katz Sinding


Coming from a background in finance, what sparked your interest in fashion and was there a person or particular experience that shaped your career in a meaningful way?

I always had a love for fashion and the creative process and have been fortunate to have several people along the way who have given me amazing advice and opportunities. Initially, I had wanted to be a stylist, and thanks to a good friend, Alexia Somerville, who was a well-established stylist in the industry, that’s how I got started. I had no clue what I was doing or how to get started. She gave me advice about the industry, emphasizing that training your eye is the most important thing. She introduced me to various stylists, models, make-up artists, and photographers. This gave me my foundation and a great start.

Where do you draw inspiration and creativity from? 

I know it is corny, but I find inspiration everywhere. I think I am heavily influenced and inspired by the area I grew up, in the borough of Hackney, East London. London is a very multicultural city, and especially in my area there was a mix of cultures with a heavy African/Caribbean community. Having this environment shaped my early world view and also influenced me today. The sense of community, colorful fashion, and vibrant energy. I also find traveling and seeing different places really inspiring. 

Do you believe that the industry has evolved?

I think there have been some changes made over the years but there is a long way to go, especially when it comes to inclusivity.


Speaking on the topic of inclusivity and having a unique point-of-view behind a camera, do you think the industry has evolved when it comes to diversity?

I think within the industry there can be a fear of change or admission that they have got it wrong. Also, a fear of opportunities being taken away from those who have benefited for so long. I believe there is space in the industry to represent across the board in every aspect. What we have seen too often is the performative inclusion where it is only a select few that repeatedly get used for roles or where, on the surface, there seems to be inclusivity but behind the scenes things stay the same. If there is one group making the decisions and guiding the narrative of the fashion industry, things will never change.


What cultural influences, if any, have impacted your personal style? 

Ever since a child it was instilled in me to look my best and be presentable. My dad to this day still irons his clothes with spray starch, must have a crease in his trousers and polishes his shoes. My mum and sister heavily influenced my sense of style and appreciation of fashion. Seeing the older generation around me growing up and how they dressed I always wanted to have a sense of style and be well dressed. Getting dressed up for church was also a big thing.  I remember my mum being annoyed with me because whenever she would ask me to go across the road to the store, I would take ages trying to get ready, the last thing you wanted was to be seen outside looking scruffy. 

Sneaker culture was also quite big when I was growing up which I am sure has something to do with how much I love shoes now. Early on sports and music had a strong influence on my style. Wanting to wear Clarks, Ballys, string vests and click suits came from reggae and then later on Hip-Hop, New Jack Swing and R&B had me dressing in the baggy jeans and polo shirts. 


Most prized possession in your closet?

My favorite pieces currently would be a Sacai jacket I just got. OH, and my Issey Miyake trousers.  They are so comfortable; I wear them to death.

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