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The marketing sector is the ultimate technology playground. An inclusive metaverse, along with developments in VR and AR, opens up completely new avenues for advertising, and brand immersion.

From Web3 and NFTs to UGC tools content is able to live anywhere, allowing for a bridge to new audiences. Report topics covered:

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In the past few years, much hype and excitement has surrounded the non-fungible token (NFT). Even though many of the world’s biggest celebrities and brands have endorsed their potential to redefine business and culture, for most average people, the meaning and value of NFTs is still shrouded in mystery and skepticism. While early NFT activity mainly focused on collecting digital goods for the sake of investment or bragging rights, more practical, everyday use cases for NFTs to deliver real-world value and strengthen community are emerging...

Innovations + Appliactions

Read the full report and further consider the possibilities innovations are creating for new experiences and standout moments that cut through the noise. 


Take a deeper dive with the  on-demand session featuring experts from QReal and Vayner3 as they discuss the technological innovations shared in the report and how you can implement them today. 

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