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Seemingly overnight, the future arrived, the boundaries between physical and digital worlds dissolving in an instant. With it has come a demand for new modes of expression, such as fantastical digital skins that fashion metaverse avatars and IRL products that interact with online systems. 

From exploring the world of digital avatars to the collaboration between fashion and tech companies in smart fashion New Age of Design report, available below, illuminates how creatives can dream in completely new dimensions and push the boundaries of imagination.​ Report topics covered:


Developers are now turning their attention towards honing the visual capabilities of AI; and the result has been a number of image creation innovations, such as text-to-image generators and tools that automate steps of the CAD process like 2D to 3D conversion and background removal.

AI imaging tools have the potential to advance human creativity by fast-tracking tedious processes, challenging our notions of reality, and creating a new point of inspiration that designers can build on...

Innovations + Appliactions

Read the full report to gain a deeper understanding of the technological breakthroughs within design that are pushing the boundaries of creativity. 


Tune into this 60-minute digital session to further immerse yourself in design innovations. Join industry experts from Variant, Myth AI, and Browzwear as they explore the concepts presented in the New Age of Design report

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