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True transformation starts at the source. Digitization along the entire supply chain, from raw material suppliers to last-mile delivery services, lays the foundation for more transparent operations, better data tracking, and easier communication.

From blockchain to automated logistics whether small tweaks or sweeping changes, these collective digitization efforts set the industry up for a more sustainable future. Report topics covered:


By generating a unique cryptographic identifier that can be attached to any asset or packet of data, blockchain provides a means of certifying information—think of it as a digital signature. To better track the fashion supply chain, a number of smart technologies are being deployed that allow products to easily ‘communicate’ with blockchain-backed databases...

Innovations + Appliactions

Read the complete report to further examine how shifts in the supply chain are empowering businesses to improve their ability to respond and adapt with increased resilience.


Join speakers from Lectra, Tengiva, and Silana as they share key insights into how the new technologies presented in the report have the potential to revolutionize knowledge bases.

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