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Driven by the demand of online shopping, perhaps no other sector of the fashion industry has transformed faster than retail. As the lines between digital and physical continue to blur for consumers, the omnichannel will need to respond with a united front, equipping every touchpoint with similar convenience and functionality. 

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From enhancing the in-store experience to exploring the world of inteligent recommendations businesses will need to combine digital agility with creative thinking to meet the future customer wherever they may be. Report topics covered:


Virtual try-on (VTO) technology enables consumers to try on digitally created garments or accessories for fit and style without physically wearing the product. Augmented reality has become the go-to solution for virtual try-on. As online shopping soars to new heights, the ability to visualize before you buy has become crucial to even the consideration stage of the customer journey...

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Read the full report for a deeper exploration of the advancmenets being made in retail and how to blend digital and physical experiences



Tune into this 60 minute digital session featuring speakers from TUNL, and Perfect Corp as they discuss  the intricacies of the new retail models and interfaces outlined in the report. Discover practical insights on implementing personalized customer service on a larger scale.

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