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High-quality fashion photography should elevate how collections are showcased, highlight detailing and materials, bring a compelling brand story to life, and create a more engaging e-commerce experience for customers. By using exceptional equipment and lighting to produce high-definition images and branded videos, customers can see, with almost the same accuracy as if in person, a fabric’s details, texture, movement, and quality.  The sharper, and more life-like the photography, the more a brand can step beyond the limitations of an online environment and provide their customers with an elevated and engaging customer experience; something that lower fidelity alternatives simply cannot produce.

While consumers are increasingly finding styling inspiration online and purchasing products from the comfort of their homes or on the go, a strong online presence featuring top-tier photography is imperative for commercial success, product distinction, and industry cachet. 

Discover how premium photography and careful consideration of the right photography partner, like Zeelum - an innovative ecommerce fashion photography company, can elevate products and a brand’s story, increase speed to market, and create a more innovative, first-class customer experience and e-commerce platform. 



With technology innovations moving at rapid speeds, consumer interest endlessly evolving and an on-demand economy becoming more of the norm, fashion is faster than ever and businesses of all sizes must be able to meet their customers — immediately and wherever they are. As a result, many companies face bigger than anticipated risks if new collections or products aren’t quickly shot and uploaded online; consumers will simply purchase the same looks, or viable replacements, elsewhere.


“It’s a very fast-paced industry. If you don’t get your products online fast enough, people will have already purchased the items you have for that season, and that’s it… you missed it."

— Miri Brecher, COO - Zeelum


Understanding this, e-commerce fashion photography company Zeelum, developed an innovative factory-like solution designed to more efficiently meet brands and licensees’ e-commerce specific needs. Through development of their robotic photography technology, this cutting-edge approach results in not only rapid output but also more effective, consistent, and elevated work their clients rely on. 

The architects behind Zeelum’s state-of the art approach, co-founders Sarifka Jungreis, and Miri Brecher had been on a constant quest to find a smart and more innovative photography process.  Jungreis, having a background as a commercial lifestyle photographer working for local brands - had previously in her career experimented with new setups.  She eventually discovered machinery she could use to create a factory-like system, teaming up with Miri Brecher, Zeelum’s COO, whose background in computer programming and expertise in balancing technology with creativity drives Zeelum’s IT and operations process.

Founded in 2016, Zeelum has quickly expanded their US footprint with strategically located studios in New Jersey, NYC's Garment District, and now Los Angeles with their recently announced acquisition of photography company Damion Lloyd - whose client list includes Skims, Spanx, Southern Marsh, Kylie Skin, and Kylie Baby. Today, Sarifka and Miri's revolutionary approach to fashion photography brings clients’ unique needs and desires to life with even greater expediency - and on both coasts.

“We really work with our clients to meet their deadlines. And we have everything you need — we are fully staffed to take care of all the moving parts with a factory-like solution. Our services are curated specifically to meet companies’ e-commerce needs.”

— Miri Brecher


In premium e-commerce photography, hyper-focused partnerships and dedicated teams offer the strategic advantages of speed, seamless communication, consistency, and fantastic results. For some large and medium size businesses, having a team of skilled in-house photographers, equipment, and space comes at a substantial cost. Therefore, working with a highly skilled partner who can seamlessly integrate with a company’s existing infrastructure, expertly interpret a brand’s vision, and produce consistent, high-quality results becomes invaluable.

With Sarifka and Miri's photography expertise and shared commitment to finding the perfect balance between technology and creativity, their company’s approach is to act as a brands’ in-house studio or an extension of in-house teams.  This customer-centric process not only eliminates the need for extensive in-house infrastructure, but it also allows brands to allocate their resources more efficiently, while having the peace of mind in working with a team that values collaboration. Jungreis and Brecher pair their clients with a skilled photography team, and a single coordinator for the most effective communication, delivering high-quality results, time and again.

In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, the ability to streamline operations, minimize costs, and maintain exceptional visual standards positions a business for sustained success, making the partnership with a reliable photography team a strategic and cost-effective investment.

“We partner up with our clients to do exactly what they need, how they need it, and to ensure consistent results.”

— Miri Brecher


High-quality images and videos allow brands to consistently deliver on customer expectations. The better they are, the greater the insights customers will have into key product details, fabrics, fits, movement — and most importantly, quality. There’s nothing more important than ensuring what a customer sees online meets or exceeds expectations when their purchases arrive. It builds trust and is more likely to result in repeat customers and increased customer loyalty.


“There’s a trust factor and it elevates and sells your products.”

— Sarifka Jungreis, CEO - Zeelum


Having worked with a client roster that includes well-known fashion brands such as BCBG, Brooks Bothers, Lucky Brand, Kate Spade, Moose Knuckles, Vince Camuto, Joe Jeans, BB Dakota, Disney, Reebok and Sketchers, Jungreis and Brecher are no strangers to understanding the unique needs of e-commerce, high-quality product presentation, and customer expectations.  Utilizing cutting edge photography technology, skilled styling, and a combination of flat lay photography, ghost mannequin photography and/or live clips, Zeelum produces immaculate high-end photography and show stealing editorial, resulting in photography primed for e-commerce and the online customer’s variety of needs.

And now, with its exciting expansion through its recent acquisition, their propensity to deliver this same level of care in helping brands increase their online value with customers is now bicoastal.

As the fashion industry continues its digital evolution, the collaboration with premium photography partners emerges not just as a trend but as an essential strategy for success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.  Whether managing 50 or 500 products, fashion brands must meticulously select a photography partner, looking for those that prioritize customer service, demonstrate a deep understanding of e-commerce intricacies, and can adapt a full-service agency to meet specific needs. With careful consideration of these characteristics, utilizing agencies such as Zeelum can ensure elevation of digital collections, drive customer engagement, and ultimately help scale your business.


Discover what high-quality fashion and lifestyle photography can do for your business.

Zeelum supports the New York and LA fashion markets at their New Jersey flagship, in the NYC Garment District and in LA

(Damion Lloyd x Zeelum)



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