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For FW 24/25, we find ourselves in a constant state of global and personal imbalance, and a much-needed course correction back to the things that matter most.


Immersive is about a new state of existence that’s neither physical nor abstract. It’s a necessary way of thinking and being to move us through the dire straits of reality. With so much instability comes a need for more flexible design—shapes that are made to morph and adapt, surfaces that react to stimulation, and a novel approach at silhouette and dimension that looks functional and fantastical at once.

The colors in Immersive are an extraordinary feat of inspiration and innovation—a group of primarily hyper brights that stimulate of the senses. Greens like Blue Palm, Derecho, Limelight, Cellulose, and Wassabi provide a tart view on natural reality, while Fuzz, Vitality, Beetroot, and Ludisia give off a celestial comfort needed to contrast the cooler hues. While there are only two shades of blue, Pressure and Synth, along with Twilight remind us of stargazing through this new outerverse, and Sundial, Ludisia, Fire Spark, and Lava radiate arousing warmth...


Read the full preview guide below for a sneak peek into the Immersive Design Aesthetic and the three additional Design Aesthetics that will influence and define the season.


For a comprehensive look at the FW 24/25 season, watch an exclusive on-demand digital session featuring Fashion Snoops trend expert Michael Fisher, where he will not only outline the cultural signals defining the upcoming season but will also explore must-have seasonal products, color palettes, and silhouette shifts across apparel, footwear, and accessories in the young men's to contemporary men's markets.

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