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 From coveting an enduring legacy and seeking a comforting sense of nostalgia that lights a pathway through otherwise dark times next season is the time to reexamine and reframe our reality. 


It’s often said that Chaos feeds life & signals a creative resert. Without the instability in our daily surroundings, we wouldn’t have an appreciation for protection and belonging. We look to repaired surfaces, ruptured textures, ashen patterns, fragmented construction, brutalist shapes, and industrial craftsmanship to beckon us back to the discord of design...

The colors in Chaos are a visual representation of the drama in our surroundings—a release of earthen, fiery energy full of turmoil and beauty. Intense shades of red and orange like Oxblood, Friesian, Egg Yolk, Lava and Heat are free flowing in their impact—captivating, but somehow on the edge of danger. Nimbostratus, Mussel, Inky, Java, and Pewter are dark neutrals that have a fossilized, even molten appearance, balancing out the unpredictability of the warmer hues...

To further visualize the key colors in Chaos and the three additional Design Aesthetics checkout the FW 24/25 women's preview guide for a sneak peek into the season ahead. 


For an in-depth exploration of the season ahead, watch an exclusive digital session featuring Fashion Snoops trend expert Melissa Moylan, as she outlines the essential seasonal products, emerging color palettes, and shifts in silhouettes defining FW 24/25 in womenswear, spanning the young contemporary to advanced contemporary markets.

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