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With an advanced exploration into the SS 25 season, we begin to imagine new pathways for productive and meaningful growth. From craft-driven techniques to the rapid rise of AI innovations, new design frameworks have made it more necessary than ever for brands to think ahead.


Of the four Design Aesthetics presented this season, Convergence represents the intersection of escalating concerns around the environment and the rapid rise of generative AI tools. Lines between what is real and what is rendered begin converging to create inconceivable realities. These tools satisfy users’ increasing appetite for creative exploration and open up new realms of sensory stimulation. Eco-curiosity drives design with an exploration of the fantastical, strange, and the yet-to-be-discovered.

The colors in Convergence exist in a realm between the real and unreal, with unexpectedly visceral hues illustrating a punched up statement that defies our perception of reality.

Unsettling combinations of colors titillate the senses, while saturated darks are rooted in bold contrast. Soothing, yet slightly eerie hues lean into our natural curiosities when paired with true brights that energize the palette...


Take a sneak peek into SS 25 through the amorphous elements in Convergence and the three additional Design Aesthetics that will drive the season in the below preview guide:


For a comprehensive view of SS 25, watch an exclusive digital session featuring Fashion Snoops trend expert Nia Silva as she provides an in-depth analysis of the upcoming trends  in color, materials, construction, and finishings across apparel, footwear, and accessories.

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