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Multidisciplinary Creative

Born in Santarcangelo di Romagna, Nicolas completed his studies in Fashion Promotion, Communication, and Media between Rimini and Milan in 1994. He then began connecting people, brands, and institutions; building special projects for multiple clients. In 2021, he founded Wanderlust Vision, a hybrid platform of entertainment and awareness, where different environments interact to promote a conscious culture about the world.

Contributor: Adam Katz Sinding

What projects are you currently working on?

When we started Wanderlust Vision project the aim was to evolve and improve everyday. What excites me most is the opportunity of working in multiple environments (from fashion to music, from food to design, from tourism to art) providing custom made solutions for brands and people. One day we organize an event, the day after we develop products, the day after we produce music, and so on.


With an aim to continually evolve Wanderlust Vision, where do you see new opportunities? 

The opportunity is that there is space for everyone, and the challenge is to be fast, resilient and efficient. We’re still in a world were the old generation leads the market but I strongly believe that this methodology is changing and many companies are looking into the future through the eyes of the newcomers: some of them with good results, some others…


Where do you draw creativity and inspiration from?

I think my inspirations come from my curiosity and my inner desire for knowledge. I love talking to people and expanding my horizons into places I’ve never been to. I live in Milan and I get everyday bombarded by so many stimuli that sometimes I also need to get out in nature to put ideas in order and analyze the following steps. 


Along those lines, is there a specific city or location that inspires you?

I’d say Milan, it’s definitely the home of everything you can look for. My favorite spots are connected to food since I really believe that is one of the most important cultural tools we have to share creativity., your top culinary destinations in Milan are?

First is Bar Paradiso, a winery I opened with some friends in 2023; then there’s Bentoteca, where chef Yoji Tokuyoshi connects Japanese approach with Italian ingredients; and again best pizza at Confine. 

On the topic of inspiration, what cultural trends do you think most influence fashion?

I’m really into sociology, and it’s the most interesting thing for me. As society changes, habits also change. And fashion is part of it; it's a visual reflection of the time we're living in. Today, defining a cultural trend is not easy because everyone wants to be different. For sure, what is clear is that people are taking more and more care of themselves in terms of personal life, well-being, and time consumption.


Alongside this personal evolution via wellness and betterment, do you think the industry has evolved as well?

As the people change, also the industry changes. Now, more than ever, the consumer is at the center. Every company is reading what community wants and serves it, [like] a restaurant. Brands need to speak about multiple features, not just purely about clothing.  They have to create cultural experiences [and] adapt their aesthetics to a much wider storytelling.


You've probably accumulated an impressive wardrobe collection over the years. What are your most cherished pieces?

Two years ago I started selling many things because it was ridiculous the quantity of stuff that I was stocking. I kept some items that I’m closer to, for example the last messenger that Kim Jones designed for Louis Vuitton or a full-zipped bomber jacket by Y-Project.  Then there is a part of the archive dedicated to all the pieces that I've created during my journey - from Woolrich to Paura.  And some Wanderlust Vision products, such as the Cortina 3L Jacket made in collaboration with MajoTech. What I can’t miss in my daily outfits are glasses - my Jacques Marie Mage.

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